I am John Adams, leader and head coach of John Adams Global, and a founding partner of the Dream Team.

John Adams and The Dream Team

My Story

I was fortunate to grow up in a success based family where my parents ran a small, family business.  From a young age I was shown that if you worked hard, you could have the American Dream.  Just after high school, I chose to follow a bit of a different path and joined the Air Force.  Earning my degree in Aviation with a minor in Economics while on active duty, I chose to pursue a career in flying, but always had a burning desire to be an entrepreneur.

While this path eventually took me from the active duty to an airline career with a major U.S. airline, in 1994 I decided it was time to begin pursuing a business career as a side venture.  With a college background in business (I switched majors to aviation 3 classes short of my business degree), I entered the world of financial consulting.  It was a few years later that I discovered network marketing, and I have to tell you, my head completely rotated when I saw the possibilities.

Get to know John

But like most people, I quickly realized that while networking is probably one of the most efficient business models in existence, it can be extremely frustrating.  I was growing my business out of blood, sweat and tears, but the promises of my sponsor of duplication just weren’t happening.  I realized very quickly that running my networking business was just like my financial business….I was trading time for money.

There Had To Be A Better Way

Fast forward quite a few years…I left my first networking company, moved a few times, and went back to school to get an MBA in Marketing.  It was during this course of study that I realized the game had changed and that there was a better way to re-attack the networking business…The Internet.

I was fortunate to have met some very unique people along the way that became great friends.  Very diverse backgrounds, but all pursuing the same goals that most of us have that get in this industry.  Time Freedom and Passive Residual Income.  But most importantly, we all realized that the traditional way of building a networking business was DEAD!

So What Did We Do?

I think this blog pretty much tells the story.  We rolled up our sleeves, went into research mode, and found out how the “new” leaders in networking were Gettin’ Er Done.   What happened?  We started seeing immediate success.  Our team started re-engaging in the business, and through the power of the internet we no longer had to trade time for money leading our team.  On top of this, we immediately started generating leads.  Leads that were contacting us for information instead of us chasing people down to talk about our business.

What Can You Do?

Make a decision to be successful.  The tools are there for you, but unless you decide you want to be successful, it will NEVER happen.  Start expanding your mind by reading and watching the right content.  A great place to start is Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard.  Mike lays out how the game has changed in marketing, and is clearly the spiritual leader of Attraction Marketing.  His FREE 7 part video series will completely open your eyes to what is possible now in this industry.  You should also sign up for our 14 Day Leadership Newsletter, we have the tools to help you on your journey.

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I look forward to your success, you deserve it!

John Adams